Real Estate Investing Marketing — Is YOUR Marketing Ready For The Economic Apocalypse?

Folks, the news ain’t pretty out there. There’s a financial storm coming and it’s going to spank people pretty damn hard. (#mixedmetaphor)

By some accounts, it’s going to be WORSE than 2008. (This is a great article about the financial Armageddon but it’s certainly not the only article out there about it).

Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Jane Average are either worried about their financial situation or they’re oblivious to it (and their oblivion should worry them). Companies are starting to tighten up. Money is running out. Governments are at the end of their ropes. Predictions and forecasts are integrating the nuclear option into their economic models.

The headlines are all screaming that something bad is coming down the line.


It’s bad for a lot of people, and it will get WAY worse for many… but then there are the real estate investors — the good people like you and I who buy, sell, rent, flip, and wholesale properties.

Most of the real estate investors I work with aren’t worried at all about the economic apocalypse on the horizon because a lot of investing tends to be reverse correlated to the economy: the deeper the economy falls into the toilet, the better investors tend to do. (Disclaimer: I know that’s not the case for all investors… but it’s true for many of them.) Many investors get access to more motivated seller deals and, if they rent property, they get access to more renters.

So if you have nothing to worry about, why am I writing this blog post?



You need to start cranking up your real estate investing marketing right now.

By “crank it up” I mean:

  1. Get it ready
  2. Test it and refine it
  3. Start deploying

The truth is, we don’t really know when the financial collapse is coming, and most of the time (with a few exceptions) the collapse starts more like a whimper than a crash. (Recessions, for example, are technically measured through a “hindsight” metric when there are 2 consecutive quarters of negative growth).

Since we don’t know, we need to start getting ready now because some of this marketing takes time to develop.


Get your marketing ready
Start designing your real estate investing marketing to speak to people in serious financial situations. Think about what will happen when the economy crumbles: there will be more motivated sellers coming online, and there will also be more properties for rent AND more renters. But there might be fewer cash buyers and private investors.

For example prepare your seller marketing for motivated sellers who are in deep financial crisis. And, prepare your tenant marketing to renters who have a lot of rental options. And if you work with private lenders or cash buyers, you’ll want to revisit the marketing you use with them to build your credibility and establish deeper trust.

Test and refine your marketing
Once you get your marketing ready, you can take the time to test and refine it (which is why you should be doing it now instead of waiting for the storm to hit and THEN trying to figure out why your real estate investing marketing isn’t working).

Send out small tests, see what works and what doesn’t. Yes, people aren’t necessarily in dire financial straits right now but these small tests will give you a taste of what needs to happen.

Deploy your marketing
If I were you, I’d also start deploying your marketing now.

Actually, I’ll rephrase that: you should be deploying your entire real estate investing sales funnel right now. That means you should have your marketing ready to go at the push of a button AS WELL AS your employees fully trained and ready to go to handle the increase in volume and the potentially new and deeper financial conversations they’ll have.

Although you might be tempted to wait until the economy actually crumbles before your press the “START” button, you shouldn’t wait. Sure, your motivated seller marketing postcards might be okay to wait for a while but I would suggest 2 areas of your business that need to start going right now:

  1. Any website that will be relying on search engine optimization (SEO) since that can take weeks or even months to really gain the search result position you want it to.
  2. Your private investor or cash buyer marketing — there might be fewer private investors and cash buyers once the economy starts to tighten up so get them onto your list right now and start building trust with them so you’ll be ready to do more deals with them.


You may need to make other changes to your business as well. For example, if you’re selling high-end luxury homes that you’ve just refurbished, you may consider exploring rental or rent-to-own options if you can’t move those homes. Or, if you do turnkey wholesaling and you need to flip these properties faster, you might want to scale up with more contractors who can handle the work.


The whole point of my blog post is this: Start now. These things can take time to develop, test, and deploy… sometimes they can take days, weeks, even months. It makes sense to have everything in place right now. That way, some of your real estate investing marketing (such as search engine optimized websites) have time to start rising to the top of search engines, and your team gets fully trained to handle the increase in business when it happens. And perhaps most important, your cash buyer list is big and full of trusting buyers.

You need to ramp up your real estate investing marketing right now because we don’t know when the financial collapse is going to happen. A month from now? Six months from now? A year from now? Two years from now? It’s inevitable…

… so now’s the time to get ready with a strategy and a stockpile of real estate investing marketing.