Hi, my name is Aaron Hoos.

I’ve worked in the real estate industry for most of my life. My first experience was to pick up a hammer with my father, who was a contractor. I continued that effort with other builders and contractors. Later, I moved into the office and worked in marketing and sales support… and then became a real estate investor, and later I became the only exclusive real estate investing copywriter.

Thanks a TON Aaron! You truly are a master of your craft my friend. You my friend, absolutely CRUSHED IT!!! LOVE ALL OF IT!!! Thanks again brother for taking the time to understand what we wanted and for helping us create SOLID content that relates to our clients. MUCH APPRECIATED Aaron! Bravo! #StandingOvation

– Jimmy Tu, JC Bayview Investments

When I first contacted Aaron Hoos, my goal was to get some copywriting for my real estate investing business. But after our first call, we’d not only worked through some strategies for copywriting, Aaron also put me onto an untapped marketing strategy for my real estate investing business, AND, he asked me about my long-term goals as an investor, then gave me a step-by-step strategy to fulfill my dream to coach other people to become real estate investors. I implemented the coaching business strategy right away and within a couple of weeks I had paying clients and a growing coaching brand. Aaron’s approach as a copywriter is unique: he has great copywriting insight but he also understands the bigger business picture and what the opportunities are for investors.

– Rufus Thibodeaux

Here’s a selection of clients I’ve worked with over the years…

Aaron, WOW! You have exceeded my expectations for this. I want to sincerely thank you for helping me out. This is everything that I wanted it to be.

Ross Alex, Principal, Flipping In Action

Here’s a list of some of the real estate investing copywriting projects I’ve worked on…

  • For a real estate investing educational website, I wrote their blog posts.
  • For an American real estate investment company specializing in commercial properties, I wrote their website copy.
  • For a wholesaler and landlord in Florida, I wrote website copy and video script copy.
  • For a real estate investing company that helps foreign investors invest in American commercial real estate, I wrote their website copy.
  • For a real estate investor financial support company that advises on real estate investing through IRAs, I wrote the landing page copy and autoresponders.
  • For a real estate investing mentor/educator, I wrote his direct mail copy, landing page copy, and several reports that he distributed as free and as paid.
  • For a real estate investor in British Columbia Canada, I wrote direct mail and advised on the redevelopment of his sales funnel.
  • For a wholesaler who does deals all over the US, I’ve written numerous direct mail pieces, sales letter landing pages, autoresponders, and reports. (He uses a lot of these over and over to create one of the most automated real estate investing sales funnels I’ve ever seen).
  • For blogging software created for real estate investors, I wrote the sales pages, free reports, and autoresponders.
  • For a real estate investing mentor/educator who was building a list for his one-on-one coaching program, I wrote sales copy.
  • For a real estate investor located on the east coast, I wrote a sales letter about dealing with foreclosures.
  • For a real estate investor who specializes in multifamily properties in the midwest, I wrote blog copy and newsletter copy.
  • For a property developer in Calgary Canada, I wrote marketing copy.
  • For a real estate investment fund, I wrote a sales letter and a report.
  • For a rehab company from California, I wrote direct mail copy.
  • For a company that built a search engine for real estate investors, I wrote their website copy, autoresponders, and marketing collateral, and I advised on changes to their sales funnel.
  • For a Canadian-based wholesaler who invests in the US, and who educates others in investing, I wrote a report and some marketing copy.
  • For a company that created a piece of software for investors, I wrote their landing page copy, autoresponders, and 2 reports.
  • For a property management firm in California, I created website copy for their website.
  • For a hard money lender in California, I created landing page content as they expanded their business from a single type of lending to a range of lending products and services.
  • For a parking lot investment company in Ontario Canada I wrote website copy.
  • For a mortgage broker in Connecticut, I wrote website copy and marketing copy.
  • For a real estate support company that helps investors with their direct mail, I wrote direct mail, reports, website copy, and social media content.
  • For a real estate investor in South America, I wrote website copy describing the area to attract renters.
  • For a foreclosure investor in California, I wrote an ebook, marketing copy, and a sales letter.
  • For a foreclosure expert who worked with clients from all over the US, I wrote website copy, a report, and some autoresponders.
  • For a real estate investors specializing in rehabs in Georgia, I wrote blogs and social media copy.
  • For a landlord offering short-term vacation property in the Caribbean, I wrote website copy.
  • For a builder in Massachusetts, I wrote website copy.
  • For a real estate agent from Oregon who educated agents about working with investors through the foreclosure process, I wrote newsletter copy that were part of a paid monthly educational product.
  • For Texas-based foreclosure attorneys, I wrote blog copy to help position them as experts in the field of foreclosure.
  • For a real estate investing firm in the Middle East, I wrote press release copy.
  • For a Florida-based real estate investing company specializing in foreclosures, I wrote website copy, marketing copy, press releases, and signage.
  • For a mortgage broker in Ontario Canada offering “same day approval” on mortgages, I wrote website copy.
  • For a real estate investor specializing in flips in Connecticut (who is also a real estate investor educator), I wrote articles, sales letters, and free and paid reports to help build her list and bring in additional streams of income.
  • For a well-known real estate investor specializing in wholesaling, I wrote an ebook.
  • For a commercial enterprise looking to invest in British Columbia Canada, I wrote copy to attract potential sellers.
  • For a real estate contractor, I wrote two reports to help position him as an expert on renovations.
  • For a probate investing expert, I wrote one of the reports that helped to accelerate his brand as a probate expert. His brand is closely associated with probate investing today.
  • For a real estate wholesaler in Georgia, I wrote an ebook that he would use as a bonus to help build his list of buyers. He still uses this report today.
  • For luxury condominium real estate developers in Las Vegas, I wrote website copy describing their condo projects.
  • For a midwestern pre-construction investor who funds massive condo and luxury apartment complexes, I created direct mail, sales letter landing pages, and reports. The reports were packaged with some multimedia presentations and sent to prospects who contributed to each fund.

I have also participated in numerous deals — as an employee, consultant, marketer, or in some other capacity:

  • For a retail business, I participated in the search, negotiation, acquisition, design, and development of their new location.
  • For a financial firm that provided leases to commercial investors, I participated in the due diligence and deal-making process.
  • For a real estate development company and property management firm, I provided marketing and sales support.
  • For a real estate developer, I helped mark their subdivision and dig the foundations.
  • For a builder, I helped to build a house from start to finish.
  • For a rehabber, I helped rebuild multiple properties.

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