Your real estate investing business is built around a sales funnel. But is your sales funnel working for you? A well-designed sales funnel can make your real estate investing business fun, easy, and highly profitable. A poorly-designed sales funnel can be an expensive waste of time.

In this free report — Two Real Estate Investing Sales Funnels — I’ve outlined 2 of the most common real estate investing sales funnels I’ve seen, and I describe the one that is (in my opinion) the best one for you to implement in your business.

But the report can only speak in general terms. Perhaps you have questions or need some guidance about how to build your real estate investing business’s sales funnel more specifically.

As a real estate investing copywriter, I’ve built hundreds of sales funnels for real estate investors to help them find more buyers, sellers, lenders, and investors.

I’d like to help you with your real estate investing sales funnel.

I’m offering you a one-time free real estate investing sales funnel consultation. In the consultation we’ll talk about…

  • What sales funnel you’re currently using (or planning to use if you are just starting out)
  • What marketing methods and tools that I’ve seen work (and not work) in those sales funnels, based on my experience with other real estate investors
  • Action steps to consider to help optimize your real estate investing sales funnel

There won’t be any high-pressure selling. Just good insight based on my years of experience helping hundreds of real estate investors market their investing businesses. But you’ll come away with actionable ideas and strategies you can implement into your real estate investing sales funnel.

A couple of notes about the consultation:

  • You do not need to have a real estate investing business currently operating in order to get a consultation. If you are planning to become an investor and want to know how
  • The consultation will be a minimum of 30 minutes long, although there are times when it may go longer. But plan for 30 minutes.
  • The consultation will be conducted via phone (for US or Canadian investors) or Skype (for international investors or anyone who prefers to use that method).
  • The consultation will be about real estate investing marketing and copywriting only. I cannot advise you on which type of investing is best for you or which market you should be investing in or whether or not you should invest in a particular deal.

There is no risk and a ton of value. Plus, I’d love to hear you tell me about the kind of deals you do!

Ready to get started?

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