Real Estate Investing Copywriting: 5 Changing Trends You Need To Know

Hello real estate investors! It’s the Real Estate Investing Copywriter here, coming at ya with some observations I’ve made after more than 14 years in the biz.

I don’t need to tell you that ideas and techniques to market your biz are always changing. What worked yesterday may not work today. What works today may not work tomorrow. You know this. Heck, you aren’t still rubbing two sticks together to make fire, right?

So does that mean you should ignore search engine optimization (SEO) because it’s changing so much? Should you ignore autoresponders because open rates aren’t what they used to be? It’s crazy: I see a lot of investors running away from direct mail like scared little girls and running toward social media because it’s the newest and shiniest thing. (BIG mistake, in my opinion — hey, social media is fine and I use it. But direct mail still kills it like a hard working mo-fo..

So what is working right now in real estate investing copy? What trends are changing the industry? Here are five changes I’m seeing:

Change #1: I’m seeing a greater awareness of the “funnel”

The funnel is the process that people go through to do a deal with investors. Investors used to use haphazard funnel or system to find deals, one that usually required people to phone them or jump through a lot of hoops. But the web has given us many powerful tools that we can use to automate that funnel. Copywriting plays a key role in quickly moving prospective sellers and buyers from one part of the funnel to the next. Copywriting is like the grease in a burger — it helps the meat and bun slide down!

Change #2: I’m seeing a resurgence in direct mail

Direct mail isn’t new but many investors are gaining a renewed appreciation for it (FINALLY!) and they are sending direct mail – either postcards or letters – to a targeted list. (I think people are starting to realize that marketing methods used before 2001 aren’t as useless as perceived). Direct response copy drives readers to a specific response. Smart investors love direct mail because (unlike flyers or some internet postings) it is easier to measure responses. And unlike search engine optimization (SEO), it has a faster result that isn’t up to the whims of Google. For a long time, real estate investors stuck to posted flyers or SEO articles but those “free” options don’t always deliver results. Investors are realizing that it makes so much more sense to pay $1 and get back $10 than to pay $0 and get back $0. (Makes sense, right?)

Change #3: I’m seeing an increase in the value people offer in their autoresponders.

When there were only a few email newsletters to subscribe to, open rates were high because they were still novel. (Remember the olden days when you were happy to get ANYTHING in your inbox?) But today, there are a million autoresponder newsletters out there, plus so much spam clogging our inboxes and it’s a pretty damn special day when our inbox has nothing in it. Therefore, investors need to give more value in their autoresponders. A well-written autoresponder that encourages action and provides value can increase open rates. Real estate investors are catching on to this and they are offering more to entice people to subscribe to their newsletter.

Change #4: I’m seeing an increased interest in ROI and, especially, passive income.

Real estate investors have always known about return on investment (ROI) and the benefits of passive income… and that’s why they are real estate investors!!! But more and more “joe sixpack” (the normal folks who are not real estate investors and have most of their money foolishly tied up in mutual funds) are starting to become aware of the opportunities in real estate investing. I don’t think it’s those late-night infomercials, either. I think it’s a popularization of real estate investing from some of the shows on TLC or from books by Robert Kiyosaki and friends. Some are becoming real estate investors themselves, but many more of them are opening up to the possibility of doing deals with real estate investors for a potentially better return than they are getting in their stock market portfolio.

Change #5: I’m seeing more and more people getting into real estate investing.

The web has created a massive opportunity for people to get educated and take action to become real estate investors. This is great! But there’s a problem, too: With so many people becoming investors, it can become more difficult to market your real estate investing business. Good copywriting is one of the ways you can “leapfrog” over the many others in the market and get more people wanting to do deals with you because they’re too busy stapling flyers on the free bulletin boards around town while you are cleverly bypassing them and getting your copywritten marketing in front of the eyeballs of people who matter.

This is great news for real estate investors because it means that a shot of fresh copy steroids across all of your marketing can turn your real estate investing business from the 90 pound weakling on the beach to the musclebound hulk who gets all the girls and kicks sand in the face of the losers.

ACTION STEP: Dust off your analytical spectacles and take a long, hard look at your real estate investing copy. See which of these 5 trends are impacting your biz. Do you need to revisit some of that stale website content that was written back when Google was still paying attention to keyword density? Do you need to update that report with a 2006 copyright date? Do you need to rethink your free marketing method because no one is responding? You can always start small and test a new attempt at copywritten marketing against your existing method and see how each one stacks up.

Get in touch with me today to find out how you can strengthen your business and do more deals with new copy.

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