About The Real Estate Investing Copywriter

Hi! My name is Aaron Hoos. I’m the web’s only exclusive real estate investing copywriter.

I have been writing professionally since 1994. In 1999, I started writing for financial and real estate organizations, including real estate investors.

Today, I write almost exclusively for real estate investors (or those associated with the real estate investing industry, including mortgage brokers, investor-savvy real estate agents, and real estate investing teachers). My portfolio includes content for some of the “top guns” of real estate investing in North America.

Not only am I a real estate investing copywriter, I’m also a real estate investor. I have participated in deals in the US and Canada, including flips, buy-and-holds, and wholesale. I currently own multiple rental properties.

My work appears in books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers. I used to be a licensed stockbroker and I have an MBA in Strategic Management, which included studies at Harvard University. I’m the author of Sales Funnel Bible, and other books.

If you have questions or would like a price quote on your project, contact the real estate investing copywriter today.