21 Kick-Ass Credibility-Building Reports That Real Estate Investors Should Write TODAY

There is a ridiculous amount of money-making opportunity in the real estate investing space. That’s the reason I invest in real estate and it’s probably the reason you’re investing, too.

But when that kind of “Wild West” no-limit opportunity exists, it attracts all kinds…

… from the high-achieving, ethical deal-maker to the aggressive scam artist, and MANY people in between. This sheer volume of good, bad, and morally-ugly people all vying for the same sellers and buyers means that you have to bust your ass to separate yourself from the pack if you want to actually do a deal.

One of the ways you can separate yourself from the pack is to offer a report.

No, I’m not talking about that 2 page, 16-point font, double-spaced report that was “repurposed” (without permission from another investor) and is dripping with generalities and spelling errors. (We’ve all seen investors trying pass that piece of crap off as the most highly valuable gem ever discovered).

I’m talking about a jaw-droppingly good report.

Something of quality, substance, and value.

Something that will leave readers thinking “Wow, I’ve finally stumbled upon the most insanely knowledgeable and generously helpful real estate investor on the face of the frigging earth!

A report that positions you as an expert and an educator — two qualities that sellers and buyers desperately want in the people they work with.

Something you can be proud of.

… A report that provides valuable information, positions you as a helpful expert, and supports your sales funnel by essentially becoming an extended sales letter. A well-researched, accurate, nicely-designed report that leaves the reader sprinting for the phone to call you.

If you have anything less than that kind of report on your website right now, take it down immediately. It’s doing you a disservice because it is working against you.


A report shouldn’t be an afterthought that you implement because every other investor is using one, nor should it be something that you offer just to capture contact information.

Your report is a sales letter. It needs to convince the reader that they should talk to you because you are the best person to help them solve their real estate need.

Your report fits into your sales funnel in this way:

  1. You use marketing to drive people to your website
  2. They visit your site where they see your report positioned as an irresistible in-their-face offer
  3. They acquire your report (perhaps by subscribing or whatever method of report distribution you offer) and the report “sells” them on why they should work with you.
  4. They contact you to do a deal with you.

See how the report is integral to your real estate investing sales funnel?

Now it’s time to think about the right mix of reports for your real estate investing business.

Here are 21 credibility-building reports that real estate investors should put on their website:


Report ideas to attract tired landlords:
1. How to ease the cost and frustration of owning a rental property
2. Are you at risk of financial ruin because of your rentals?
3. Six ways to deal with deadbeat renters (without killing them)

Report ideas to attract distressed homeowners:
4. How to deal with the cost, frustration, and utter humiliation of foreclosure
5. How to save your life, marriage, and financial future when your house costs too much to repair
6. Ten surprising options for your underwater house
7. What to do if you can’t pay your mortgage
8. The step-by-step secrets of people who have faced foreclosure… and survived!


Report ideas to attract retail buyers:
9. How to finally own the home of your dreams for less than you’d pay at market
10. Six shocking mortgage secrets of first time homebuyers
11. The homebuyer’s “tell-all” report that that real estate agents don’t want you to see!

Report ideas to attract rent-to-own buyers:
12. Why bad credit or no credit don’t have to stop you from owning your dream home
13. Six steps to take right now to own a home (even if your credit was destroyed through no fault of your own)
14. Recovering from divorce? The get-back-on-your-feet guide to giving your kids a safe, stable home again.
15. The secret bad credit “mortgage” that banks will never tell you about

Report ideas to attract flippers/rehabbers:
16. The eight most expensive risks that flippers face and how to avoid them
17. Ten tips to sell your flip for top dollar
18. The nine hidden costs of rehabbing that no one tells you about

Report ideas to attract landlords:
19. Step-by-step to own a rental for totally brand new landlords who are thirsty for cash flow
20. How to increase your rental income and still keep your tenants happy
21. Six secrets that successful landlords use to eliminate deadbeat tenants

You solve real estate problems for sellers and buyers. Your report should show them how. It should educate the reader and position you as an expert. It should convince them to contact you immediately. It’s an essential real estate investor’s sales funnel tool.