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What is in the 100+ MORE Marketing Tips for Real Estate Investors?

There were so many tips that I had to make a second resource for you! If you haven't seen the first one click here

General Marketing Tips

Get into the Marketing mindset with these tips. Learning to think like a Marketer will help you bring in more leads.

Website and Blogging Tips

This resources includes lots of strategies for improving your website and blog including ideas for those days when it's hard to find inspiration.

Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing can be a challenge, writing compelling titles to get your emails opened, avoiding spam filters, it's all in here!

Social Media Marketing Tips

There are so many social media platforms. In here you will find tips for general social media strategy as well as tips specific to several of the platforms you should be using - like Instagram!

SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization is key for improving where you land in a search. There are lots of easy to implement strategies that will boost your SEO!

Here's What Some Other Real Estate Investors (Maybe like you) Have to Say

Thanks a TON Aaron! You truly are a master of your craft my friend. You my friend, absolutely CRUSHED IT!!! LOVE ALL OF IT!!! Thanks again brother for taking the time to understand what we wanted and for helping us create SOLID content that relates to our clients. MUCH APPRECIATED Aaron! Bravo! #StandingOvation

- Jimmy Tu, JC Bayview Investments

When I first contacted Aaron Hoos, my goal was to get some copywriting for my real estate investing business. But after our first call, we’d not only worked through some strategies for copywriting, Aaron also put me onto an untapped marketing strategy for my real estate investing business, AND, he asked me about my long-term goals as an investor, then gave me a step-by-step strategy to fulfill my dream to coach other people to become real estate investors. I implemented the coaching business strategy right away and within a couple of weeks I had paying clients and a growing coaching brand. Aaron’s approach as a copywriter is unique: he has great copywriting insight but he also understands the bigger business picture and what the opportunities are for investors.

- Rufus Thibodeaux

Aaron, WOW! You have exceeded my expectations for this. I want to sincerely thank you for helping me out. This is everything that I wanted it to be

- Ross Alex

About The Real Estate Investing Copywriter

I’m Aaron Hoos, the web’s only exclusive real estate investing copywriter.

I have been writing professionally since 1994. In 1999, I started writing for financial and real estate organizations, including real estate investors.

Today, I write almost exclusively for real estate investors (or those associated with the real estate investing industry, including mortgage brokers, investor-savvy real estate agents, and real estate investing teachers). My portfolio includes content for some of the “top guns” of real estate investing in North America.

Not only am I a real estate investing copywriter, I’m also a real estate investor. I have participated in deals in the US and Canada, including flips, buy-and-holds, and wholesale. I currently own multiple rental properties.

My work appears in books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers. I used to be a licensed stockbroker and I have an MBA in Strategic Management, which included studies at Harvard University. I’m the author of Sales Funnel Bible, The Real Estate Investing Copywriter's Playbook and other books.

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