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The Real Estate Investing Copywriter

From 2006 through 2021, I was the world's only real estate investing copywriter, and I created marketing assets to help some of the top investors find more leads and close more deals.

I've stopped taking on new clients but I share my exact strategies for any real estate investor to use. (Yes, they still work and are in use by investors around the world.)

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From 2006 through 2021, I was a real estate investor and the world's only Real Estate Investing Copywriter.

I enjoyed working more than 1,000 amazing clients, including some of the best-known real estate investors -- from AppFolio and Carrot to Mark Evans and Kent Clothier, and so many others. 
In 2021, just as my investments replaced my income, my wife was diagnosed with cancer (she later lost her battle with cancer).

It was time for me to re-evaluate the focus of my life and make sure I enjoyed every moment. 

Since my investments had replaced my income, I stopped taking on copywriting clients.

Today, I get to do the same thing that many investors aspire to do: travel, read, enjoy life with those I love... all while my investments and businesses generated passive cashflow in the background.*346071462_777142993759132_626437348525071611_n*jpg?alt=media&token=9ef9553d-55f4-4034-8386-fa6d73c6f017*1459*JPG?alt=media&token=e94b6d7d-093b-40fe-86f5-19babeeead22
Even though I don't write for investors anymore, I'm still passively investing. I love the real estate investing space!

Many investors continue to approach me to write for them. I hate turning them away. In fact, I love to give back to this industry that's given me so much, which is why I'm sharing my strategies in this book.

Here's What I Cover In The
Real Estate Investing Copywriter's Playbook*REIC-branding*png?alt=media&token=3da8a0d9-fe4e-4d6c-88c9-748ae1d0eb99*REIC-marketing*png?alt=media&token=f45be0a9-4b0a-4f55-b519-3d42f11f3d54
How To Create A Brand That Stands Out
Marketing Strategies To Get More Leads
I'll share exactly what Iearned by writing for more than one thousand real estate investors over the years: I share what's working and what's not working to create a compelling and memorable brand that helps you stand out... even in the most competitive markets!
Very few investors are marketing enough. Even fewer are marketing effectively. In my playbook, I'll share exactly how I work with investors to discover the opportunities and help them create a successful marketing strategy that they can execute, scale, and profit... over and over again.*REIC-funnel*png?alt=media&token=e087b04f-3b48-4d2a-ad2f-1fec73eec28c*REIC-more*png?alt=media&token=1cbabd33-d144-470e-80ea-64536ad16dd3
How To Build Funnels That Close Deals
And So Much More!
The secret to successful marketing is not just the ads but the funnel -- the overall measurable online and offline strategies that takes your audience from never having heard from you before all the way to begging you to do multiple deals! You may have heard of "funnels" before you've never seen this strategy!
Oh, there's WAYYYY more. I call this "my playbook" because it is literally the step-by-step process I used for every single one of my thousands of clients. My goals was to write the only marketing book that real estate investors would ever need to successful market their real estate investing business.
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