Hey, perfect timing: you caught me right in the middle of a site update. My site looks UGLY right now. But hey, if you’ve flipped houses like me then you know that you gotta go through some demo work before you get to get to the nicer stuff.

The good news is: all the info is still here. The bad news is: you probably need to wear safety equipment to find it!

If I haven’t lost ya yet, read on…

“Top gun” real estate investors rely on copywriting to drive more motivated sellers, cash buyers, loyal tenants, and pre-qualified investors to their real estate investing business. And I can help you do the same.

My name is Aaron Hoos. I was a struggling freelance journalist, forced to work a “real job” to pay the bills. Out of desperation, I started working at a real estate investment company… and that changed everything. Aaron Hoos: Real Estate Investing Copywriter

The year was 1999 and I discovered an industry that was bursting with opportunity. I started writing marketing content for investors all around the world — from the newest newbies trying to flip their first house to the grizzled industry veterans whose names you recognize and whose courses you’ve bought.

Today, I’m the only dedicated real estate investing copywriter on the internet. Not only that, I’m also a real estate investor.

I’ve written for some of the top real estate investors in North America, helping them with their online and offline copy, including direct mail, landing pages and sales letters, autoresponders and email sequences, reports and ebooks, courses and more.

Some of my clients are the names you’ve heard of; perhaps you’ve even read their sales letters (my sales letters!), bought their programs, and maybe you’ve even done deals with them. They include wholesalers, flippers, probate experts, and residential and commercial renters… and every other type and stripe of investor.


I own multiple profitable cash flowing rental properties that nicely churn cash into my bank account, giving me the freedom to do what I love to do (and what I’ve done for more than a decade)… sell through copywriting and help other people grow their real estate investing businesses by implementing my copy.

I can promise you that most of the other copywriters you might be thinking of hiring do not do real estate deals. (Just ask them first if they’ve done a deal. If they haven’t, forget them!)

I help real estate investors by providing them with eye-ball gripping, wallet-opening content that enthralls readers and makes them eager to do a deal with you. I write websites, sales letters, reports, autoresponders, and direct mail (as well as other types of copy) that turns skeptics into people who are eager to sign on the dotted line.


I know the struggles you face as you try to start and grow your real estate investing business. I’ve faced those same struggles. I know the dreams and goals you have and how you want to make those dreams come true through your investing. I’ve dreamed those same dreams for myself and my family!

So I’d like to help you take charge of your real estate investing future by doing the one smart thing that all top-tier real estate investing gurus do — implement copywriting into your business.

  • You’ll join the ranks of the top-tier gurus by implementing compelling, expert-written copy (just like they use!) into your real estate investing business.
  • You’ll get totally unique content (I don’t work off of templates or boilerplates like some of those generalists do!) so you’ll always get content that was specifically written for you and you alone!
  • You’ll get it fast — usually within 1-2 weeks on most assignments. That means, in most cases, you’ll leapfrog over your peers and you could be doing deals within a month or less
  • You’ll get my very best recommendations and guidance. As an investor and someone with years of professional writing experience (and over 15 years of experience writing for the real estate investing industry), you’ll get my help and guidance to implement the copy into your business. I’ll hold your hand and give you my ideas and best practices so you know exactly what to do with the copy I write for you.
  • And you risk nothing because if you get a draft of my work that simply cannot be fixed and deployed in your business, I will refund 110% of your money — that’s right; I’ll refund more than you paid!

So if you are serious about accelerating your real estate investing business to the next level, and if you understand just how critical copywriting is to that acceleration, then it’s time to get in touch with the web’s ONLY exclusive direct response real estate investing copywriter.

Learn more about me, view my portfolio and services, read my blog, and contact me today with questions and to get a price quote.

I work with all kinds of real estate investors from flippers to wholesalers to hard money lenders to bird dogs. I also work with investors with all ranges of experience — from the top gun gurus who dominate the headlines of the real estate investing industry to the newest of the “noobs” who are still putting together their business. You don’t need to know what kind of copywriting you need before you contact me.

I’m really excited about meeting you and learning more about your real estate investing business — and helping you accelerate your business beyond your goals and expectations.

To the success of your real estate investing business,

Aaron Hoos
Real Estate Investing Copywriter
Copywriting FOR real estate investors… BY a real estate investor.

PS, Maybe you still have questions. Maybe you’re not even sure what kind of real estate investing copy you need right now — you’re just smart enough to know that you need it. Awesome. Just drop me a line and tell me that. I don’t care if you have never done a deal before and you are still figuring this whole thing out still. I’ll help you figure out what you need (but you’ll also find that I have a no-pressure collaborative approach).

Who Else Wants To Know EXACTLY What’s Working Right Now, For Other Investors In Similar Markets, To Generate An Automated Flow Of Motivated Sellers And Cash Buyers?

I’m the world’s only exclusive real estate investing copywriter.